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"The Least of These" Listing
Rik Swartzwelder
Rik is the writer-director-producer of "The Least of These" and this site serves as the home base for his various projects and other engagements, online links, and current news updates.
Skoche Films
Skoche Films is the company that produced Rik Swartzwelder's romantic-drama "Old Fashioned."
Benjamin Hershleder
Benjamin is a director, Avid Editor and Avid Certified Instructor, in addition to being a Co-Producer of "The Least of These." Check out his site to find out about his own award-winning film, "The Bronx Boys," as well as his other projects.


Rick Morris / Maverick Sound
Rick Morris is an accomplished sound designer having worked on numerous feature films, including as part of the Academy Award nominated sound team on "Face Off." Rick's company, Maverick Sound, offers post production sound services for film, television, and special venues, including Sound Design, Dialog, Foley, ADR, Music and Mixing.


Avid Technology
"The Least of These" received generous post production support from Avid Technology. Avid's film and television editing software is the leader in the industry. They have powerful editing tools available for filmmakers at all budget levels, from the new Xpress DV to the high-end Symphony systems.


The Florida State University
Motion Picture Conservatory

FSU is where Writer-Director Rik Swartzwelder and Co-Producer Benjamin Hershleder received their MFA degrees and collaborated on their award-winning short film, "Paul McCall."